Cubo de Sangre

Cubo de Sangre is a Metal & Punk label dedicated to the sights and sounds of Evil & Anarchy. So drink beer, rock out, and fuck some shit up.

Since 12/21/12.

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Track Name: A World Created
As you travel
Deep within your mind
You may see things
That you don't care to find
Chemically opened doors
Which cannot be closed
A world created
By the path you chose
Track Name: Battlestag
Your life calls
To the end of night
To the moon
And on the pyramids
All alone
Across the desert sands
We'll never get there
Unless we die
We're dead to the renegades now
Track Name: Match
The sphere of life
Passed from one to the next
On a pitch of green fallacy
Your mind and body tense
The gears engage
For the grand machine to work
Hands bound by the chains
Of who created the beautiful game
Track Name: Black Mountain
You run to black mountain
With hopes of cheating death
Atop the black pyramid
You find there's nothing left
Your soul is mine
And now your heart beats not
It is my will for you to rot
Track Name: Lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is mine
Your life belongs to me
You're trying to live for you
But your life is a lie
As you descend into night
I'll be there waiting
I'm your light
As you lay down in the night
I'll be there hating
I'm your fight
Track Name: 77 74
Under stars
Devoid of cars
Bedroll on back
I live from my pack
Eternal road
Never ends
All alone
No friends
Memories of better days
Desert flowers
Create a haze
Where I roam
The road's my home
My shovelhead is all I own
Track Name: Outride The Reaper
Outride the reaper nealschvitz
Track Name: Forever Roam
Humanity is a runaway
At the mercy of the night
There's no way to save us now
It's a winless fight
Tell your mother to go home
The search will yield nothing
We will forever roam
Track Name: Dirt From The Grave
We're at the mercy of the tarot
Dirt from the grave
Bones from your family
Call the devil to your door