L​.​D​.​M​.​P. 4 "Extant / Extinct"


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Tracks 1-7 from the 2013 "Extant" recording sessions.
Tracks 8-19 from the 2011 "Extinct" sessions.



released September 30, 2014

Tracks 1-7
Oli: Vocals
Shane: Bass
Billy: Guitar
Grobi: Guitar
Tom: Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Grobi, Perth, WA 2013
Artwork by Oik Wasfuck / oikwasfuck@yahoo.com

Tracks 8-19
Oli: Drums, Vocals
Shane: Bass, Vocals
Billy: Guitar, Vocals



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Cubo de Sangre

Cubo de Sangre is a Metal & Punk label dedicated to the sights and sounds of Evil & Anarchy. So drink beer, rock out, and fuck some shit up.

Since 12/21/12.

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Track Name: Corrupt
Your DNA – filthy
Predominantly greed
Burnt into your genes
Burnt to succeed
Selfish advantage
The cannibal urge
People eat people
Push off the verge

Corrupt, corrupt

Your cannibalism
Rapes the world
Our debts climb
Up to the stars
Soothes the pain
But money can’t
Cover the scars

Global nation – annihilation
One last stomp – drop the bomb
Global nation – detestation
Kill yourself and save the fuckin' world
Track Name: Only Death Lasts Forever
When I die I want to be dead
A cold rotten corpse returning to dirt
Eternal paradise I just don’t need
Fiery damnation doesn’t threaten me

Only death lasts forever

I know what is right
in the decisions that I make
My own morality guides the actions
I choose to take
I have no use for your book of hypocrisy
I accept the pure nature of reality
Track Name: Soldier
Choose to wear the uniform
Choose to shoot the guns
Choose to play the war games
Choose to drop the bombs

Fucking Murderer

Children never get the choice
Choose to shoot the guns
Who hears the innocent's tortured voice
Choose to drop the bombs

Famine, Warfare, Genocide, Money, Power, Lies
Track Name: Keys
A person’s life is lost and you lock them up without even knowing why
You just do your job, who are you to question a higher authority?

It’s not your fault if they’re guilty
It’s not your fault if they’re innocent
It’s not your fault if you enjoy it
Turn that key
Track Name: Servants
Shackled myself
In the chains of servility
Give me freedom
Not some convenient liberty

Servants to the obscenity

Blinded by the glare
Of neo-liberal austerity
Feeding from the trough
Of protectionist prosperity

We’ll never be free
Track Name: Imperial Slaves
Imperial slaves
Convenient remains
Feed them and bleed them
(They pay) overdue gratitude

Take - my helping hand
Pity deeds from the promised land
I fucked you and you owe me
Don’t you worry – work makes you free

Imperial slaves
Follow my faith
Born to serve me
(Embrace) core-periphery

You grow my spices
You grow my tea
You give me your oil
And take rubbish from me
Track Name: Macho Man
I roll up my sleeves, cause you gotta be tough
My bro's are all here so it's gonna get rough

We're all pushing and shoving and rubbing and tugging
Shirts of boys, the breakdown is coming

It's a war in the pit
Stay strong stay proud
This is serious business
No girls allowed!!!
I let loose with my fists to prove I'm a man

I'm always in step
Gotta follow the plan
Track Name: No Asylum
Turn back the boats, there's no room for you here
We are the lucky country but we don't wanna share
The floodgates will open. They jumped the fucking queue
There's barely space for me. There's no more room for you.

No asylum / No fucking solution

So we will lock you all up. Let you rot in the desert
Children behind razor wire, innocent people treated like dirt
Where's our humanity!?
Track Name: Never Fit In
Fuck your fucking clubs
Haircuts and VIP's
Fuck your shitty pubs
And your bullshit scene
Fuck the seedy man
In the corner
Half unbuttoned shirt
Staring at the girls

Why do I go out?
I hate your music
Your drinks are too expensive
Fuck your fucking lines
You people are the only meat
That should be slaughtered
A painful reminder
Track Name: Repeat
I don't want your opinion, but you give it anyway
I don't want to listen but I hear everything you say

Conversation's like diarrhea
That spews from your fucking mouth
I've heard enough! I've hear enough!

So what's the point of all this talk?
Something you wanna say?
Or is it the sound of your own voice
You like to listen to all day

Repeat / Bullshit on repeat
Track Name: Death Of Truth
Darkness resides in the heart
Saliva spreads over my own reflection
A devil cursed smiled creeps into the corners of my mouth
I know what I am, I hate myself, worthless shit
I've hidden the truth for too long
I look everywhere else but not at myself

I've seen the worst
Of what man can achieve
I've smashed and railed my own false convictions
Against the barrage of reality
Truth died long ago, the truth died long ago
The thin wires of corrupted ambition pull tight on my neck
Pull tight on my neck
Track Name: Go To Work
Get up
Get dressed
Go to fucking work

It's all i got
It's all I get
Slave to the job
Freedom is death

Get home
Watch TV
Go to fucking bed
Track Name: Pacific Solution
Pacific Solution
Xenophobic confusion
Political vultures
Racist culture

Proud to be Australian

Immigration policy
Putrid hypocrisy
Border protection
Illegal detention
Track Name: One Track Mind
It's Friday night
You know what your plans are
Won't get no sleep
This goes on every weekend
And sometimes in the week
You think there's no problem
'Cos there's a needle in your arm

Can't be in a relaxed state of mind
Or in a social situation
Feeling uncomfortable or not yourself
Unless you're high
Let's get some drugs
Let's get some drugs
Track Name: Party Disease
I've been searching
For who I am and what I'm supposed to be
But there's a problem
I have the party disease
Always wasted
Instead of accomplishing anything
Once I've tasted
I'm in for a week long binge

I get fucked up instead
I get fucked up oh yeah

Once I realized
That life is fucking shit
I compensated
With drugs, booze and tits
And there's a difference
Between needing and wanting to change
And I feel both
But it always ends up the same

I walk this Earth
A buckled, fucked up piece of shit
A sad story
But it seems to be the shoe that fits
Maybe one day
I'll grow up and make a change
But I'm pathetic
It's only me who can save me
Track Name: Stench Of Existence
War, famine, a final solution
Hiroshima, Chernobyl, endless polution
Religion, politics, multinational corporations
Hollywood, stock markets, industrial revolution
Track Name: No Light
Where do you look when you're shrouded in darkness?
This cold stink of death follows me
My everyday actions equal terminated life
A blind executioner, I see nothing

Grey monotone, emotionless choices
Decisions that are clearly made
The screams, the cries... question my sanity
The cold the horror, this horror in plain fucking sight

Ignorance is spread like a fucking disease
Disinformation is the pill, we shove down our throats
A nation of plenty holds its hands out for more
I feel shame, contempt, this horror in plain fucking sight

No light / No dark / Nothing