L​.​D​.​M​.​P. 5 "Nailed It​!​"




Eight songs in 19 minutes. Executed by Jews. Endorsed by Satan. Bound to make posers cry.

Coming April 3rd, 2015 on LP/CD. What a fine day to die it will be, again.

Crafted with wood, nails, a sturdy hammer, blood, sweat, tears and a pinch of CHUTZPAH.


released April 3, 2015

Kyle - Drums
Kyle - Bass
Jesse - Guitar
Charles - Vox



all rights reserved


Cubo de Sangre

Cubo de Sangre is a Metal & Punk label dedicated to the sights and sounds of Evil & Anarchy. So drink beer, rock out, and fuck some shit up.

Since 12/21/12.

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Track Name: Christ Killer
When we killed your savior we felt no remorse
We didn't think twice as we buried his corpse
Only about what we could afford
with the silver we got for betraying the Lord

Down from the cross your savior is slain
And if he lives we'll KILL HIM AGAIN
Crown of thorns, a victim in pain
The zombie Christ, KILL HIM AGAIN

Remove the boulder from his Earthly prison
Only to find that Jesus has risen
We'll do the work and we'll bear the cost
of 3 more nails and a new wooden cross

And at the rapture a bloody encore
We jump at the chance to kill him once more
The right and privilege of every Jew
when Christ returns TO KILL HIM ANEW!
Track Name: Legacy Of Hebrewtality
Shoot the conscripts to the ground
Hebrew army, pin 'em down
Let the salvos fly their way
None of them shall survive this day

The Legacy of Hebrewtality

Bayonets to the front
Run 'em through their gentile cunts
Take no prisoners; eradicate
The chosen people shall choose your fate

The Legacy of Hebrewtality
Track Name: From The Dreidel To The Grave
Give us now our daily bread
A crushing blow to the head
Affix the dreidel to the pike
With my dreidel I will strike

From the dreidel to the grave
Killing Christ so none be saved
From the dreidel to the grave
Yahweh's will to have him slain

From the dreidel to the grave
Hippy Jesus doesn't bathe
From the dreidel to the grave
Hippy Jesus why won't he shave?

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel I made you out of clay
and when it's dry and ready the Messiah it shall slay
Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel I made you out of steel
and if you cross my dreidel its wrath you all shall feel
Track Name: Yom Kippur / Bong Ripper
The bush burned, inhaled the smoke
The world turned, and God spoke
I atoned for my wrongs
I got stoned with my bongs

Yom Kippur, Bong Ripper

Bong of Babel, to the sky
Just a dab will get you high
The end is near, high holy days
Spend next year, in holy haze

Yom Kippur, Bong Ripper

Track Name: Ignorance Is Bris
Ignorance is bris and I'll be your mohel
I'm here to cut you from this mortal coil
Ignorance is bris and my scalpel rips
I work pro bono and just keep the tips

Forsake your foreskin (ignorance is bris)
No cheese on your meat (ignorance is bris)

And on the 8th day you bring me your boy
I'll sharpen my blade; streamline his toy
Unclean phallustines! Ignorance is bris!
We'll cut your dicks off, until the end of time
Track Name: Mazel Tov Cocktail
Shooting our guns with deadly precision
Sharpen our knives for forced circumcision
Light the menorah on churches ablaze
One human body burns for eight days

Raping and killing, we do as we please
No matzo ball soup can cure this disease
Peel back the skin of those we detest
Six days of torture and one day of rest

We shall not fail (mazel tov cocktail)
Skin turns pale (mazel tov cocktail)
Try to no avail (mazel tov cocktail)
Defile the Holy Grail (mazel tov cocktail)

Come sit at my table, I'll serve you a dish
that's made with your foreskin and stuffed with white fish
While still attached, the sum of your fears
Seasoned, salted, and poached in your tears
Track Name: 11: Thou Shalt Thrash
Messiah unholy I cannot stand it
Guilty of breaking the 11th commandment
No blood from a stone, but metal is harder
If he doesn't thrash we'll make him a martyr

We spend the Sabbath, thusly beheading
those who neglect their duty of shredding
Transfiguration and walking on water
If he doesn't thrash it will be a slaughter

Carry a guitar for your own protection
Make your disciples your rhythm section
Spend all your days in rock riff construction
If you don't thrash we'll bring the destruction